Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Writing an effective workplace health and safety policy keeps your employees safe and your business on the right side of the law

One of the most important considerations for any business is the level of health and safety provision in the workplace. Employers want to ensure the wellbeing of their employees, and employees want to know that they’re kept safe when working.

Your workplace health and safety policy allows you to outline the key health and safety arrangements in place for managing health and safety risks. These could be related to risk assessments, first aid, fire safety, contractor safety and health and safety training, to name a few. The policy should also highlight key members of staff with specific responsibilities for certain aspects of health and safety. These could be first aiders, fire wardens, health and safety representatives, managers and supervisors.

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How do I know how much information is required in my workplace health and safety policy?

Your workplace health and safety policy needs to be built around your business. Since each workplace is unique, each health and safety policy needs to be adapted too. Specialist workplaces such as oil rigs, chemical plants, building contractors, or other industrial manufacturing plants will all have different requirements and will therefore be written differently.

We have helped many business owners with writing their workplace health and safety policy by following a simple three-part process:

  1. Statement of Intent – also called the health and safety policy statement, where it outlines the organisation’s commitment to health and safety.
  2. Organisation for Health & Safety – This looks at the key responsibilities throughout the organisation for health and safety.
  3. Arrangements for Health & Safety – This sets out key health and safety risks and the arrangements in place to manage these risks.

If you’re not sure about the specific risks your business might have, or if you think that a change to your business might introduce new risks, we’ll be able to carry out a workplace assessment to help you.

Do I need a health and safety review?

Writing your health and safety policy requires an understanding of your business activities, how they impact on workers’ health and safety, and the arrangements in place to manage those impacts.

If your business is growing, or if you’ve had a significant change to usual work processes, you’ll need to get your health and safety policy updated.

Our health and safety review can ensure that you’re aware of all the different risks in the workplace and how you can reduce or remove them, accurately reflecting all arrangements in your workplace health and safety policy.

Make sure your employees are kept safe with an effective workplace health and safety policy written with the help of our experts.

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