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Irrespective of  your workplace niche there is a legal requirement to provide your staff with appropriate health and safety training based on the risks identified at work. Our workplace health and safety courses online, provides an appropriate level of awareness and instructional training to satisfy many aspects of legislative requirements.  All our training courses are CPD Accredited and RoSPA or IIRSM Approved.

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Our Workplace Health and Safety Courses Online:

Abrasive Wheel Training Course

Abrasive Wheel Training

If you employ staff who use abrasive wheels, our health and safety training can help avoid any unnecessary accidents. This training looks at the different types of abrasive wheels, the dangers and damage that can be sustained, and how to avoid potential injuries.

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Asbestos Awareness Training Course

Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos is still a major danger to many builders, electricians and other tradesmen working on older properties. Our training will teach your employees how to identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and what they need to do if they come into contact with it or if they think that they have been exposed.

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CDM Online Awareness Training

CDM Awareness Training Online

Getting the requirements of CDM-2015 right is essential as it introduces a number of coinages from the 2007 Regulations.  Our training course provides the right amount of information to allow the key requirements of CDM to be known and appropriate proportionate measure put in place to ensure compliance.

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COSHH Awareness Training Course

COSHH Awareness Training

Our COSHH awareness training provides your employees with the right amount of information to enable them to work safely when handling hazardous substances. If they do end up exposed they will know what to do to limit their exposure. This training includes ten modules that will cover areas such as identifying hazardous substances to carrying out a COSHH assessment.

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Display Screen Equipment Training Course

Display Screen Equipment Training

Our display screen equipment training teaches your employees the information necessary to correctly set up their workstations. This online health and safety training covers everything from correct screen set-ups to educating workers on possible upper limb injuries that could occur if display screen equipment is not set up and used correctly.

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Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course

First Aid at Work Refresher Training

First aid refresher training is the key to ensuring that first aiders continue to practice and maintain their skills. Annual refresher training courses are recommended by the health and safety executive and our training covers key refresher training aids already provided to either your “Emergency First Aid at Work”, or “First Aid at Work” trained first aider.

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Fire Safety Training Course

Fire Safety Training

As one of the most significant risks to the well-being of both employees and the business as a whole, fire safety training is an absolute must for any organisation. Our training will ensure you’re abiding by legal requirements, that your workforce is kept safe, and that the risks of a fire are reduced, if not removed.

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Food Safety Training Course

Food Safety Training

Food safety can be a complex topic, with many dangers being posed by unsafe food handling, incorrectly cooked food, inadequate pest control and a lack of food or personal hygiene. Our Level 1 and 2 food safety courses will help to keep your entire workforce up to date with current legal requirements, keeping your business safe and your customers healthy.

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Introduction to Risk Assessments Online Training

Introduction to Risk Assessments

Ensuring that workers are protected from workplace hazards that could result in harm is a key requirement of health and safety law. Having a systematic approach is the best way to ensure that this is achieved. Our risk assessment training course will provide the knowledge and structure required for staff to undertake risk assessments..

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Legionella Management Training Course

Legionella Management Training

Our legionella health and safety training will provide you with key information on how to manage a legionella control program within your organisation and is therefore aimed at those in control of premises. The training covers key water systems and the control schemes that should be in place to ensure minimal risk of a legionella outbreak.

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Manual Handling Awareness Training Course

Manual Handling Awareness Training

Manual handling is not just about how heavy an item is to lift, but involves several other factors that if done correctly will ensure that injuries are kept to a minimum. Our training can help to ensure your employees not only know what to do when carrying out manual handling operations by adopting and maintaining good techniques but also what not to do.

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Online data protection training for staff

Online Data Protection Training for Staff

If you handle individuals personal data, you are required to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect that personal information.  Our online data protection training course will equip you with essential information to allow you to ensure legal compliance.

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Safeguarding Children Training Course

Safeguarding Children Training

If you work with children, you’re required by law to undertake safeguarding health and safety training to ensure their wellbeing in your care. Our safeguarding training ensures you and your staff know everything they need to know.

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Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Training Course

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult Training

If you work with vulnerable adults, you’re required by law to ensure that you are following all the latest governmental requirements to ensure their wellbeing in your care. Our CPD approved safeguarding health and safety training course will bring you up to speed with what you need to do to meet safeguarding requirements.

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Working at Height Training Course

Working at Height Training

With falls from height being one of the single biggest cause of death and major injury in the UK workplace, it is important that employees have sufficient information and training on what to do whilst working at height. Our awareness training will provide you with the right amount of information to ensure that your employees are aware of the dangers of working at height and that the latest legal requirements are being followed.

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Working Safely Training Course

Working Safely Training

Looking for a simple but engaging overview of health and safety for your employees?
Our working safely training course will provide your employees with a good understanding and grounding in health and safety, and will satisfy government guideline for introductory health and safety training. This training is RoSPA approved.

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Looking to train up your employees? Our workplace health and safety courses online can help you.

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