Why Your Business Needs Proportionate Risk Assessments

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Risk Assessments

As health and safety legislation has developed over the years there is a greater need for companies of all sizes to be fully aware of their obligations and responsibilities to staff in the workplace. One key element is for employers to understand and manage the risks and the consequences of harm that may occur.  This is achieved by ensuring that key risk assessments are undertaken of significant operations that pose a risk.

The most effective way to do this is to list all the activities that are undertaken and the hazards posed by these activities.    These can hen be ranked to see which poose the greatest risk.  Once this is in place a process can be setup to assign those activities that pose the greatest risk, with appropriate, proportinate risk assessments.  If the skills are not available in-house you can contact us  to assist.    The key thing is that risk assessments are in place for the more risky operations.

Key employees can be trained in the techniques necessary to complete risk assessments and keep an inventory of all activities undertaken.   Part of this training may also involve them in helping to complete a formal written risk policy for the business. They can then become business champions in maintaining the business risk assessments.

Understanding and managing the risks in the workplace can greatly reduce the chance of an accident or ill health occurring. Additionally, should the worst happen, it can provide evidence that risks were assessed and actions taken which may mitigate liability in the event of litigation by customers or employees. Therefore, getting risk assessments complete could be one of the wiser business investments.

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