Asking this question is akin to asking ‘Why is management necessary in a workplace?’, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that both questions give rise to the same answer.

It’s not often that company directors and employers ask themselves why it’s necessary to manage a company’s finances, or premises, or people. The necessity for good management is an accepted truth, but health and safety in the workplace is often seen as a separate entity, which gives rise to unnecessary struggles within a company.

Yet why health and safety is necessary in a workplace is a question that is often asked. The same answer applies to each and every factor within the control of a business or organisation. If anaspect of business is left unmanaged, it is left to the vicissitudes of chance. Leave your finances to chance and your business is likely to end up in administration. Leave your people to chance and you won’t have those with the right skills and culture to carry out your business. Leave production to chance and your customers or clients won’t be yours for much longer.

Leave managing risk to chance and you risk hurting or harming people, damaging goods or property, destroying trust, sullying your reputation, suffering financially and, if the worst comes to the worst, the prospect of a day in court. The effective management of risk in your workplace is a barometer of how sound, reliable, effective and caring your business is. It’s much more than being able to tick the boxes on a safety checklist. A good business is one that leaves nothing to chance and employs professionals to ensure that all needs are met.

A surefire way to manage the health and safety in your workplace is to turn to trusted health and safety consultants. Health and safety is a specialised area, and whilst it is possible to try to complete all the necessary registrations yourself, having an expert on board will save your business both time, and ultimately, money. Howlett Health and Safety Services are reliable and professional health and safety consultants in London, and we even offer a free consultation which gives you the opportunity to decide what is best for your business – no catch!

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