General Risk Assessments

Keep your workforce and organisation safe with our general risk assessments

As an employer, you’re legally required to carry out a general risk assessment for your employees to assess all activities that may pose a health and safety risk. It’s not always easy to understand exactly what is required, or to be confident that the assessment completed captures all significant risks. That’s where we can help.

Our risk assessments will identify all workplace hazards and look at how these hazards pose a risk. With our knowledge of health and safety requirements, we’ll ensure that you are compliant.

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How does our general risk assessment work?

We’ll visit your business to identify all health and safety risks by following a simple six step process. These steps will be the same irrespective of the complexity of the activities undertaken.

General risk assessment breakdown

Step 1. – We will list all activities that you think could cause harm.

Step 2. – We will list all the hazards that are present as part of each activity.

Step 3. – We will list all who might be injured and how they can be injured carrying out each activity.

Step 4. – We will then evaluate what the risks are and what control measures you are already using to reduce the risk and what additional controls you might require.

Step 5. – We will document all findings of the risk assessment ensuring that they are implemented. We will also provide an action plan if required.

Step 6. – We will ensure that based on the activity that a review period is in place to capture changes in work processes.

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Our risk assessment training

We offer risk assessment training for employees at all levels within the organisation, helping them to understand and complete effective risk assessments.

As your in-house staff become more confident and competent in the risk assessment process, you’ll be able to utilise these resources to start new assessments and review the ones that have already been completed.

Writing a risk assessment policy

Writing a risk assessment policy can be a good idea if your organisation has many processes that may require not only a general risk assessment but other types of assessments too.

If your operations are quite straightforward, then you can simply set out your risk assessment arrangements in your health and safety policy. We’ll work with you to fully understand your business and advise you accordingly.

Remember – the key requirement is not the policy, but to have effective risk assessments that assess all activities that may pose a significant health and safety risk.

We'll identify your health and safety risks, show you how to avoid them, and train your staff on how to complete risk assessments to future proof your business.

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