RIDDOR Reporting

Ensure you’re following the requirements under RIDDOR 2013 for accident and incident reporting

Do you know your responsibilities as an employer when it comes to accident and incident reporting in the workplace under RIDDOR? Do you know which accidents or incidents require formal reports to the HSE?

Not all accident or incidents are reportable under RIDDOR and if you are unsure and need some help, our health and safety consultants are here to assist you.

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What is RIDDOR?

RIDDOR stands for the “Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013” and is defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as the law regarding the reporting of specified incidents in the workplace. Reported incidents are filed online and recorded in the National Accident Database.

The incidents that require filed reports under the current RIDDOR regulations by law include:

  • Deaths that occur in the workplace
  • Various major injuries, as defined in RIDDOR
  • Any workplace accidents that result in an employee being unable to perform their regular work duties for more than seven days, not including the day the accident took place
  • Any injuries to members of the public that required hospitalisation for treatment as a result of the injury
  • Any occupational diseases including, but not limited to, carpal tunnel, occupational asthma, occupational cancers and diseases occurring from exposure to biological agents in the workplace
  • Dangerous occurrences that could’ve resulted in death or injury
  • Gas incidents at work related to where anyone has died, passed out, or been hospitalised

Reports must be made by a competent person in the workplace, (or those who are self-employed) or people who are in control of the work premises.

All incidents (dangerous occurrences) must be reported by the quickest means and the RIDDOR report within 10 days of the incident.

If the illness is related to a reportable occupational disease, however, reporting is required once a diagnosis is made by a medical practitioner.

If the injury is to an employee and fall under the reporting requirements of RIDDOR, and the employee has been off work for over seven days, then this is reportable within 15 days of the accident.
More detailed information on RIDDOR can be found on the HSE website.

How can Howlett Health & Safety Services help with RIDDOR reporting?

Getting RIDDOR reporting right and on time is a key part of managing health and safety risks within the workplace.   If you’re new to RIDDOR reporting and not sure what to do then it’s best to ask for professional advice to ensure that you are covering the main requirement of the Regulations.

Our consultants have over 25 years’ experience in health and safety and can not only assist with reporting requirements, but also help with investigating the causes of the accident, work-related ill health or incidents., We have a dedicated page on Accident, Incident Reporting and Investigation for more information.

Informed RIDDOR guidance

We’re experts when it comes to the ins and outs of RIDDOR reporting and are here to help if you just don’t know where to start.  Our health and safety consultant will walk you through everything that is required for reporting including filling out the appropriate form.  Currently, all the reporting is done online from the HSE website.

Help with document lodgement with the Health and Safety Executive

Even if you’re ok with filing your report, just having a second set of eyes to look through the document before it is filled maybe be all you require?  With our experience, we can assist in ensuing that you provide just the right amount of information.

Health and safety training for RIDDOR and other legislative compliance

Whether you’ve had an event that required RIDDOR reporting and would like to improve this process further, or you are setting up other health and safety processes in the workplace and need some advice, we’re here to help to ensure legal compliance.

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