Regular risk assessments will save you money

Risk Assessments in the Workplace

Health and safety is a vital element of running a successful business. It is imperative that the rules and regulations as set by the government body, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are strictly followed as they are aimed at protecting both the employer and employee. Regular risk assessments will save you money by avoiding unnecessary accidents and incidents in the workplace.

There are many training documents available that will aid you in assessing your workplace, making sure that the health and safety rules are adhered to. For further help, Health & Safety Services London will assist and guide you through the legislation minefield that is health and safety, explaining anything you are unsure about with regards to the specific rules and regulations.

Much of good health and safety practice is common sense. By implementing regular risk assessments, training materials and policy templates, you can be confident that you have covered all bases. Employers have a responsibility of keeping their customers and staff safe in the workplace and must ensure that hazards and risks are not only accounted for, but minimised as much as possible.

To ensure you are up to date with both health and safety and employment legislation regarding your responsibilities and obligations to employees, it is imperative that you carry out regular hazard and risk assessments. If you are not skilled in recognising risks, it is recommended that you employ the services of a professional agency to carry out the assessments for you. They will offer advice on what you can do to reduce risk in your work environment.

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