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Find out which health and safety processes you need to implement with our health and safety registers

Knowing what legislation your business should be following can be confusing. Although general health and safety regulations must be followed by all businesses, there can be extra regulations that you might not be aware of.

Our health and safety consultants will put together a list of regulations applicable to your business activities ensuring that you remain legally compliant and that you are maintaining minimum legal requirements.

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How does the health and safety legislation register service work?

We put together a register of health and safety legislation

The sections covered in the register will comprise of the following areas:

  1. Name of legislation – We will list here the applicable legislation and the key areas that apply. – Example Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 – Sections 2 and 3.
  2. Summary of Requirements – We provide a summary of the key aspects of the legislation – Example: The principal piece of legislation (covering the whole of the UK) for health and safety at work. Of relevance are the specific requirements within Section 2 for employers to provide a healthy work environment, a safe workplace with safe access and egress and to provide welfare facilities.
  3. Regulatory Authority – This will be the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or the Local Authority Environmental Health Team. If another regulatory body is applicable it will be listed.
  4. Compliance – This section will concentrate on how the legislation affects your activities and what you are doing to comply. There may be policies and procedures that can be referenced in relation to your application. In completing this section, a lot of the information will come from the organisation and we will assist by asking how compliance is demonstrated. – Example: provision of health and safety policy, work inspections checklists, first aid procedures etc.; would all be ways to demonstrate compliance.

Remember – The register is not a legal requirement and therefore the law does not require one. The purpose of the register is that it will allow you to concentrate on those pieces of legislation that are ONLY applicable to your activities and summarises how the legislation applies, and how compliance is applied and maintained.

Ensuring compliance with government legislation

Once we’ve created the register, we can check throughout your organization to find out where you need to adjust processes. Well look at your current health and safety policies, match them against any new or updated regulations, and give you a breakdown of what you need to improve.

Although this register isn’t a legal requirement, it shows that your business is willing to abide by government legislations, makes it easier to see which health and safety processes you’re following, and that you’re taking action on behalf of your employee’s health and wellbeing.

Making a register of your current health and safety processes makes it much easier to keep up to date with the regular changes to government legislation.

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