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Howlett Health and Safety Services’ food safety training courses are designed to help to reduce the risk of food becoming contaminated by easily controllable risk factors. Our training will ensure that Staff members undertaking this training develop a good understanding food safety principles which in turn with ensure that food safety dangers are minimised as much as possible. Our training covers:

Premises hygiene

This involves how to keep your premises and equipment clean and properly maintained. This is particularly important for new businesses, given that suitable premises must be designed with proper hand washing and toilet facilities, be properly ventilated and adequately lit, among other legal requirements. Staff members will be educated on how to thoroughly maintain the required cleanliness and organisational levels of their work environment.

Personal hygiene

Those working with food, whether at the preparation or serving stage, must maintain a proper level of personal cleanliness. This goes beyond protective clothing and hairnets. Staff must also refrain from attending to food within 48 hours of illness, know when and how to effectively wash their hands and understand the basic risks of neglecting even minor aspects of their personal hygiene.

Risk control

Risk control is the process of identifying particular threats to food safety and eliminating them. This involves recognising what could go wrong and putting systems in place to minimise the risk. All businesses selling and preparing food are required to have procedures in place that adhere to the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). We can help you to understand how to implement and maintain these control systems.

Pest control

Pests spread disease while also damaging equipment, storage facilities and often the building itself. The prevention of pest infestations is fairly simple, as long as staff members are properly aware of the procedures. These procedures can generally be grouped around the categories of workplace maintenance, pest proofing and appropriate treatment methods.

Waste management

Staff must be made aware of how quickly waste should be removed from food preparation areas, as well as how waste management systems should be designed and controlled to preserve appropriate levels of hygiene. Different types of food waste must, by law, be stored and collected separately, while the waste containers themselves must also be kept clean.

Howlett Health and Safety Services offers Level 1 and Level 2 food safety training. Level 2 training is necessary for those staff members involved in the cooking and preparation of food, while Level 1 training is necessary for anyone handling food after it has been prepared. Both courses fully educate staff on proper food safety practices.

Here at Howlett Health and Safety Services, we have over 25 years of experience in many diverse areas of workplace health and safety, and we’re here to assist you however small your organisation. Get in touch if you think we can help.

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