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Legionella can cause significant health problems. Make sure your employees and the public are kept safe by following our legionella online training

Getting legionella management control wrong can pose serious health effects to both your employees and members of the public.

The legionella bacteria can cause serious health issues, including legionnaires disease: a severe form of pneumonia. This bacterium thrives in wet and damp places such as dirty air conditioning units, water systems, cooling towers, swimming pools and spas. Although a significant health risk, the chances of having an outbreak in the environment is relatively low if correct maintenance and cleaning regimes are followed.

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About our legionella online training course

This interactive tutor led training will provide duty holders (employers) with key information required to stay compliant with the law. It will provide information on the potential risks associated with water systems, and most importantly what needs to be done to demonstrate compliance.

This is a basic legionella management training course and as such the more complex the system then the more specialist advice may be required. If you have limited knowledge of what is legally required to manage a legionella program, this training will take you through the process so that you know what to do.

If your water system is simple, then this legionella online training will give you enough knowledge to enable you to get a legionella control program in place.

As the duty holder, you’re legally required to ensure that your water systems are managed properly, without risk to your employees or members of the public. The training covers the following key areas:

  • What is legionella
  • Main risk areas for legionella
  • Legislative requirements
  • How to manage and reduce the risks of legionella
  • Monitoring water systems

How much does it cost?

This legionella online training is £65 per person/license which can be ordered directly from here.

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