Infection Prevention and Control Training

Our online infection prevention and control training will equip your staff with key information.

Infection prevention and control measures are primarily in place for all but are especially important to those who might be vulnerable in acquiring an infection.

Our training course might just be the right place to start by providing employees with a good overview of infection prevention and control principles and what they can do to keep safe.

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Why is infection prevention and control important?

Infection prevention and control is important in ensuring that employees, visitors and members of the public are protected against infectious diseases and infections.

What modules are offered in this training course?

The training material is presented over seven separate modules, covering  key aspects of infection prevention and control.  The modules are:

  • Module 1:The Course Structure?
    This module looks at a brief overview of the course.  
  • Module 2: Infection Prevention and Control and the Impact of Infection
    This module starts off with a definition of infection prevention and control as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and follows on to cover other key definitions.  Legislation covering the expected standards in terms of best practice and the module concludes with looking at what is an infection.
  • Module 3: The Different Microorganisms
    This module looks at the 4 common types of microorganisms that can cause an infection.  These are:
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
    • Fungi
    • Parasites
  • Module 4: How Bacteria are Transmitted
    This module cover the different ways microorganism are transmitted 
  • Module 5: The Chain of Infection
    This module looks at the chain of infection that ends with the infected host. The chain of infection is made up of six links which are:
    • The infectious agent
    • Reservoir
    • Portal of exit
    • Means of transmission
    • Portal of entry
    • New susceptible host
  • Module 6: The Control and Prevention of Infection
    The module looks at the different steps that can be used to prevent and control infection based on an understanding of the chain of infection covered in module 5.  The four areas that are covered include:
    • Good hand hygiene
    • Correct use and disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Handling and disposal of waste
    • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Module 7: Cleaning & Decontamination
    This final module looks in more details at cleaning and contamination as a means of preventing and controlling infection.  The different types of products used (detergents, disinfectants and sanitisers) are discussed alongside those responsible for cleaning and decontamination of specific areas.

Who needs to go through this training?

This training course is suited mainly for those who need a basis understanding of infection prevention and control principles.  Taking this training will allow users to take the steps required to keep themselves and other safe.  This training is an introductory course and if your role is within a health & social care setting you will need additional training to supplement several of the areas covered in this training.

How much is the infection prevention and control training?

The training course costs £25 per person/licence and can be ordered directly from here.

If you need to provide this training to more than 25 employees, then the following discounts will apply:

5% discount for orders of 25+ courses
7.5% discount for orders of 50+ courses
10% discount for all orders over 100 courses.

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