How To Use DSE Standing Desks Properly: Desk Checklist

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As office environments evolve, you may provide your staff with DSE standing desks. We’ve created a new checklist to help your staff use them correctly and avoid health issues. Also, remember to check out the latest information on working with DSE from the HSE.

Let’s check out what’s included.

The Modern Office Environment

The rise in sedentary lifestyles and the adverse health effects of prolonged sitting have prompted a shift in office ergonomics. Standing desks have emerged as a popular solution to combat the negative impacts of extended periods of sitting, offering employees the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the workday. However, transitioning to standing desks requires a comprehensive checklist to guide users on proper setup, posture, and usage to maximise their benefits effectively.

Use our DSE Standing Desk Checklist to ensure your employees are set up and used correctly.

DSE Standing Desk Instructions

The introduction of this checklist marks a pivotal step towards enhancing workplace ergonomics and health. If you’ve supplied standing desks, it demonstrates to your staff that you are mitigating the potential risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Tip. The checklist is designed for the user to complete unaided, but if they have any concerns, it would be a good idea to complete it together as you may highlight an issue with them, e.g. poor posture, that they may not have recognised.

If you have not yet provided your employees with DSE awareness training, which is a mandatory requirement for those who use DSE regularly as part of their role, you can find more information here

Components of the checklist

The document is a table with “Yes”, “No”, or “N/A” columns to be completed. It is split into four key elements for consideration, with a final sign-off at the end. The first element is regarding the standing desk setup. It outlines recommendations for adjusting the standing desk to the appropriate height, ensuring that the user maintains a neutral posture with wrists straight and elbows close to the body. It also recommends using anti-fatigue mats to cushion the feet and reduce pressure on joints while standing for prolonged periods, particularly if the desk is situated on a factory floor or warehouse.

Tip. If this equipment is used in a carpeted office environment, you may not need to provide anti-fatigue mats. Still, you should encourage users to wear supportive and comfortable footwear suitable for extended standing periods to reduce strain on the feet and legs. The checklist also stresses the importance of incorporating regular breaks and shifts between sitting and standing positions to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort and enhance circulation.

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Monitor Positioning

The second element of the checklist concerns proper monitor placement, such as ensuring that it is at eye level. This is important as it will reduce strain on the neck and minimise potential eye fatigue. We also consider the effect glare may have on the user, and this is particularly important if the desk is adjustable between sitting and standing, as the differing heights may introduce separate hazards.

Mouse and Keyboard

The final two components of the checklist are ensuring that the user can position their mouse and keyboard correctly to ensure effective ergonomic positioning. A standing desk has a different feel than a traditional sitting one, so it may feel odd when first using one. However, the rules associated with using DSE must be followed to minimise the risk.

Ready To Take The Next Step!

Empower your employees by giving them the tools they need for a healthier work environment. Access our DSE Standing Desk Checklist from the link below to ensure proper setup and usage of standing desks. It’s time to take proactive measures towards improving workplace ergonomics and employee satisfaction. Get your checklist now.


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