How To Carry Out A Risk Assessment Video Series

How to carry out a risk assessment sign

Recently we launched a new video series on our Facebook business page on how to carry out a risk assessment.  The series covered the process in six simple steps,  which are key fundamentals of the risk assessment process.  The steps covered are:

  1. Listing activities that require risk assessment
  2. Listing potential hazards
  3. Looking at who might be harmed and how
  4. Evaluating the level of risk and controls in place
  5. Documenting risk assessment finding and action plans
  6. Reviewing of current risk assessments

Undertaking risk assessments should not be a complex process and going through this series will equip you with the knowledge and know how in order to start this process.  Have a look at the introductory video to the series below and the rest of the series can be found on our YouTube Channel



Still require  help with getting your risk assessment program in  your workplace back on track? Get in touch with Howlett Health & Safety Services today  and ask about our risk assessment services.

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