Health and Safety Review

Unsure what to prioritise or where to start with your health and safety programs? Our health and safety review is here to help

With the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authority (LA) guidelines constantly changing from year to year, its important to have a regularly updated health and safety policy that effectively safeguards your organisation.

It can be difficult to know what needs to be prioritised, or what you need to do to ensure minimum legal compliance. That’s where we can help. Our health and safety review will look at your business activities and provide an overview of what is required to meet minimum legal compliance.

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What is involved in a health & safety review?

A structured, tailored, health and safety review of your workplace by our qualified, experienced health and safety consultant will:

  • Assess the quality and coverage of your policies and procedures
  • Provide guidance about the best practices for your business’s health and safety program
  • Review your training initiatives
  • Undertake interviews with key members of staff
  • Carry out an inspection of your office or facility
  • Document any significant health and safety risks

Structured health and safety management system approach

How do you manage all the tasks, documents, procedures, updates, compliance activities, and assessments when it comes to health and safety?

Without proper management of your systems, you leave yourself open to points of failure and non-compliance issues.

We will examine how you manage all your systems, who is responsible for management, and how updates occur, to get a better picture of whether your management systems are adequate.

Health and safety report

We will provide our finding in a detailed report highlighting the key health and safety provisions that are required. The recommendations from the review will be ‘RAG’ rated to provide an indication of priority in terms of required legal compliance.

Keep your business and workforce safe with our health and safety reviews.

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