Health and Safety in Care Homes / Care Setting

Health and Safety in Care Homes training might just be what you’re looking for to equip  staff with key awareness information.

Working in a care setting provides a unique set of hazards not encountered in many other work environments.  Not only is there a need to look after the health safety and welfare of employees, but there is also the need to look after the residents who live within the care home.

Our online training course will provide essential awareness training that will equip staff with a basic knowledge of what they need to know to keep them and their residents safe.

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What modules are offered in this health and safety in care homes training?

The training material is presented over nine separate modules .  The modules are:

  • Module 1:Introduction
    This first module will give an overview of key terminology that will be used throughout the course and their definition.  It will introduce the role of  The Care Quality Commission (CQC) who are the Regulator in England for health and social care.  Key health and safety policies and procedures with a framework of government legislation and local requirements will be covered.
  • Module 2: Responsibilities
    This module will cover the various roles of people working with the care environment and their responsibilities.
  • Module 3: Systems (Health & Safety Arrangements)
    This module will cover the health and safety arrangements that must be in place to ensure the highest level of care for everyone involved within a care setting.
  • Module 4: Accidents and Illness Part 1
    In modules 4 and 5 the types of accidents and incidents that commonly pose a risk in care environments is discussed.  Ideas are also provided to help to keep them to a minimum.  Potential accidents that could occur and are covered includes:
    • Slips, Trips & Fall
    • Sharp Injuries
    • Burns and Scalds
    • Injuries by Operating Specialised Equipment
    • Electrocution
    • Accidental Poisoning
    • Food Poisoning
    • Fainting
    • Bleeding
    • Shock
    • Choking
    • Fractures or Broken Bones
  • Module 5: Accidents & Illness Part 2
    This module continues on from Module 4 to cover additional hazards that could pose a risk in any care environment.  These include:
    • Falls From Height
    • Hot Water & Surfaces
    • Medication
    • Handling Medication
    • Hazardous Substances
  • Module 6: Moving & Handling
    This module covers the hazards and risks that can come from moving both patients and equipment and their solutions.
  • Module 7: General Hazards: Fires, Gas and Electricity
    This module covers the hazards and the safety measures associated with fires, gas and electricity within a care environment.
  • Module 8: Aggression, Violence, Security and Stress
    This module groups together a range of hazards associated with Aggression, Violence, Stress and Security.  Examples are provided with key solutions.
  • Module 9: Work Environment and Welfare
    This final module looks at a range of hazards within the work environment and a range of welfare requirements that apply to care house staff.

Who needs to go through this health and safety in care setting training?

This training is for all staff working in a care setting.  It is especially ideal for those new to a care environment as part of an induction programme or part of a portfolio of health and safety training for all staff.

How much is this training?

The training course costs £25 per person/licence and can be ordered directly from here.

If you need to provide this training to more than 25 employees, then the following discounts will apply:

5% discount for orders of 25+ courses
7.5% discount for orders of 50+ courses
10% discount for all orders over 100 courses.

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