Health and Safety Assessments

Health and safety assessments don’t need to be complicated. Our health and safety consultants will help you make sure your organisation is safe, based on regulatory requirements

Health and safety regulations can seem overwhelming and difficult to understand at times. That’s why we simplify the process for you by identifying health risks in your workplace and ensuring that the right type of assessment is undertaken that accurately assess any risk.

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COVID-19 risk assessment

COVID-19 risk assessment is now a mandatory requirement as part of the government’s effort to deal with COVID-19 as a public health emergency.  Before employers can ask employees to return to work, or bring others into the workplace they have to first complete a COVID-19 risk assessment.  The government has provided secure related guidance to assist with this process.

If you require help in completing this type of risk assessment, our consultant will work with you to ensure that you are compliant with the requirements.

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General risk assessments

General risk assessments systematically cover all the risks associated with activities that are undertaken in the workplace.

It’s all about demonstrating that you have a system in place to identify what could cause harm to your employee and how, what you have in place to minimise harm and if that’s not sufficient, what additional measures are required.

If you require help with the process, our consultant will work with you by looking at your organisation’s activities and ensure that your general risk assessments capture all significant risks.

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COSHH assessments

If you work with hazardous substances where there might be a risk of exposure, you’re legally required to complete a COSHH assessment. COSHH assessments ONLY deal with substances and are therefore, a bit more involved than a general risk assessment.

If you require assistance with completing COSHH assessment we will look at the different substances that are being used that could cause harm when employees are exposed. We’ll work with you to ensure that adequate control measures are being used to reduce exposure and provide training to your employees so that they are aware of the risks of working with hazardous substances.

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Display screen equipment (DSE) assessments

If you use display screen equipment, such as PC monitors, keyboard, mouse, handheld devices, etc; and you are classified as a “user”, you’re legally required to have a DSE assessment carried out on your workstation.

Although display screen equipment doesn’t carry any immediate risk to your employees, an incorrectly set up workstation can cause upper limb injuries over time. Our health and safety consultant can either carry out DSE assessments on your behalf of those workers who are classified as “users” within your organisation.

We can also provide online training for users and dse assessor training for those involved in the assessment process.

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Fire risk assessments

Since 2005 all workplaces are required to have a fire risk assessment in place.  These assessments replaced the old requirement of fire certificates.

The process for this type of workplace assessment is similar to a general risk assessment.  We have a dedicated page on the process should you wish to undertake this assessment in-house.

If you require help with this assessment, our consultant who is an experienced fire safety expert will be able to assist.

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