Face-to-Face Health and Safety Training

Keep your employees safe with the latest face-to-face training from an experienced health and safety consultant

Face-to-face health and safety training is an effective way of teaching your employees how to stay safe while at work, regardless of the industry you are in. Our health and safety consultants can provide training for a multitude of different industries. From COSHH training, to teaching your staff how to avoid harmful materials, to basic health and safety induction courses for new starters, we know how to keep your staff safe.

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Hazard symbols that could be needed for COSHH assessments

COSHH training

Working hand in hand with our COSHH risk assessments, the COSHH training will teach your employees how to safely work around dangerous substances. This training can be given by us at your location, or we can provide you with online training resources that can be handed out online across the company.

Both types of training are extremely effective, ensuring that your entire workforce is aware of the dangers of hazardous materials and how to avoid injury as a result. If your company uses specialist processes, we can also adapt the training to suit your specific needs, too.

person sitting at computer workstation with picture of spine alignment with chair

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) training

Although relatively risk-free, display screen equipment can cause long-term health problems as a result of a poorly set up workspace. Our DSE training shows your staff how to correctly set up their workstations, how to get the correct posture and how to avoid long-term injuries, such as RSI (repetitive strain injury). We can train your staff both in-house or at another designated location, and the courses can be tailored to your specific purposes.

Our DSE training can also come at a specially reduced rate if your company qualifies. Please contact us to discuss.

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Health and safety induction training

Health and safety induction training is legally required for every worker, whether you’re in a particularly hazardous industry or not. For new starters, this training needs to be as easily accessible as possible and tailored to your company’s needs.

Our health and safety consultants will build a fully comprehensive training course for your employees, which can be taught face-to-face or through your own IT resources.

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Specialist tailored training courses

If you work in a specialist industry, you’ll still need health and safety training that ensures your employees are kept safe at all times. All our training courses can be custom-built to cater for your specific needs and can be rolled out either in-house or at a location of your choice. We’ll include all the government required training needed, as well as any other training that might be useful to your organisation.

Whether you need specialist training or you're growing your workforce and need easily scalable health and safety courses, we can help.

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