Display Screen Equipment Training

Display screen equipment training can ensure correct posture whilst at a workstation or desk, reducing the risk of injury

It’s important that a workstation is set up correctly to ensure that workers don’t start to experience symptoms such as, headaches, eye strain, upper limb disorders, fatigue and neck or shoulder pain. These symptoms might also be a result of mobile devices being used for extended periods of time.

Display screen equipment training helps to reduce these effects by teaching your employees how to set up their equipment correctly for their specific needs.

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Do all my workers need display screen equipment training?

No. Only workers who use display screen equipment for more than one hour per day (classified as a ‘user’) are required to have this training.

What does display screen equipment training teach?

We provide two different training courses which cover the requirements within the regulations for awareness training and DSE assessments. The details of each training are listed below:

Display Screen Equipment Awareness

This training is required for all workers in your organisation who have been classified as a ‘user’. It provides all the required information needed to properly set up, use and adjust display screen equipment. It also covers the harm that can be experienced if workstations are not setup correctly. The training includes eight modules:

  • Introduction to display screen equipment
  • Current government legislation
  • Protecting your body from injury
  • How to properly adjust your chair
  • How to properly adjust your display
  • Working arrangements and how to adjust them to suit employee needs
  • Adjusting your workstation to reduce potential injury
  • Improving the work environment to promote good health and safety
Display Screen Equipment Assessment

Once the DSE awareness training is complete and the users are aware of how to set up their workstation correctly, there is now the requirement to carry out a DSE assessment of each workstation.

This training will take the user through the assessment process and completion of the health and safety executive CK1 assessment checklist.

The training will also cover additional aspects that need to be covered as part of the assessment process but can still be documented on the form. The ten modules included are:

  • Introduction to DSE assessments
  • Current government health and safety legislation
  • How to prevent injury from DSE
  • How to adjust chairs and displays properly
  • How to carry out a risk assessment
  • The principles of sensible risk management
  • Key health and safety legislation
  • DSE hazards and risks
  • Using control and prevention strategies
  • A practical task to complete the training

How much does display screen equipment training cost?

The display screen equipment training costs £25 per person/license and can be ordered directly from here.

Assessing your display screen equipment training costs £35 per person/license and can be ordered directly from here.

If you need to provide this training to multiple employees, please get in touch as we might be able to provide a discount based on the number of licenses

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