Display Screen Equipment Assessments

If your business uses computers, it’s important to ensure that your workstations are set up properly to prevent any long-term injury to your staff

Undertaking Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments ensures that your organisation is complying with health and safety legislation pertaining to their use.

A workstation that has been set up correctly poses minimal health risks to workers, however, there are health effects attributed to incorrectly set up workstations. These range from back, neck and shoulder aches, headaches and migraines, to some workers suffering from upper limb disorders (ULDs).

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How do we undertake display screen equipment assessments?

We provide two routes by which you can carry out a display screen equipment assessment.

Route 1 – We provide an online DSE assessment training module that will take your employees through the Health & Safety Executive DSE Workstation Checklist (CK1).

Route 2 – We will design a bespoke DSE self-assessment form for your organisation.

Whichever route is chosen we will work with you to ensure that the assessments accurately reflects the assessment of risk at each of your workstations. If issues are highlighted as a result of the assessments, we can also assist in identifying appropriate measures to mitigate risk.

Better workstation setups can improve productivity, reduce long-term health problems and more. Get in touch with our health and safety consultants and we'll show you how to keep your employees safe.

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What else do I need to know about display screen equipment assessments?

A key part of the assessment process is to ensure that your employees are aware of their entitlement to a free eye and eyesight test.

We can provide you with further information and advice in terms of how this can be incorporated into your assessment process and the steps that need to be taken.

We ensure DSE requirements are met and can help you with anything you're unsure about.

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