COSHH Risk Assessments

Keep your organisation safe with our COSHH risk assessments

Our COSHH risk assessments will identify all hazardous substances being used and accurately assess risk based on how those substances are being used and the controls being utilised to mitigate risk.

If the answer to any or all of these questions below is yes, your activities may require a COSHH assessment to be undertaken.

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Do you have any of the following?:

  • Chemicals that have the following hazard symbols: Very Toxic, Toxic, Harmful, Corrosive or Irritant? (This can be found on the label of the container). These labels are being replaced by new international symbols, see Chemical classification website. These new labels will indicate the following: Explosive, Flammable, Oxidising, Corrosive, Acute toxicity, Hazardous to the Environment, Health Hazard, Serious Health Hazard.
  • Chemicals that require your employees to wear Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, safety glasses, protective overalls, masks).
  • Dust and fumes present in the workplace that are considered hazardous to health.
  • Employees who must undergo specific medical examinations due to the chemicals that they use.

Ensure you’re using hazardous substances correctly with advice from experienced health and safety experts

Not sure if you require an assessment? Our health and safety consultant will visit your company and look at the different types of chemicals and processes you currently use to handle them.

We’ll discuss exposure risks and the ways in which exposure to them could be minimised. All our findings from this visit will be followed up with a report detailing your next steps. We also offer COSSH training for workplaces.

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How does our COSHH risk assessment work?

We’ll visit your business to identify all hazardous substances being used by following a simple eight-step process. These steps will be the same irrespective of the complexity of the activities undertaken.

Step 1 – We will complete an inventory of all substances being used in the workplace.

Step 2 – We will identify key exposure routes of substances being used.

Step 3 – We will determine the effects these substances have on the body.

Step 4 – We will look at the working processes and procedures where hazardous substances are being used.

Step 5 – We will determine the number of employees who might be exposed and the length of exposure.

Step 6 – We will look at what is currently being done to minimise employee exposure to these substances.

Step 7 – We will assess risk based on the information above.

Step 8 – We will set a time where you should review your assessments.

Howlett Health & Safety Services provides expert advice on COSHH risk assessments.

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