CDM Awareness Training

Our CDM awareness training online course provides a comprehensive overview of the key requirements of the 2015 Regulations.

CDM Regulations 2015 came unto the statute books on the 6 April 2015 replacing the 2007 Regulations.  These new Regulations applies to ALL construction work carried out (proportionality is required) irrespective of size and complexity.

Our CDM e learning course simplifies the entire process and brings you quickly up to speed with the key requirements. We provide learning resources that are easy to remember and put into practice, ensuring you fulfil legislative requirements.

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How do I know if this training is for me?

If you carry out any building, civil engineering or engineering construction work which could involve:

  • Alteration
  • Conversion
  • Fitting out
  • Commissioning
  • Renovation
  • Repair
  • Upkeep
  • Redecoration
  • Other Maintenance
  • Decommissioning or Dismantling of a Structure

then this training is for you as CDM health and safety requirements will apply.  Remember, the Regulations apply irrespective of size or complexity and therefore should be applied proportionately.

Do the CDM Regulations apply to all maintenance work?

The definition of “construction” in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) is very broad. In addition to the expected types of heavy building work, the term includes the “repair, upkeep, decoration and other maintenance … of a structure ”. It also covers the maintenance, repair or removal of fixed services, e.g. mechanical, electrical, gas, compressed air, hydraulic, computer cables and telephone systems. Plus, it includes industrial type cleaning, e.g. pressure washing and use of corrosives. This definition is the same as under the previous CDMRegulations, but the implications have changed substantially. For example, a construction phase plan is needed for all work, whereas under the 2007 Regulations that requirement only kicked in for larger projects.

How do I determine what is construction work under CDM 2015?

If you are still confused as to what determines construction work, the HSE construction sector produced a very useful document entitled ” An approach to interpreting the term Construction Work”.   Download a copy here.

What modules are offered in the CDM training?

The training comes in the form of five separate modules, covering  key aspects of the Regulations.  The modules are:

  • Module 1: Legislation
    This module covers the objectives, scope and application of the CDM 2015 changes to the previous 2007 version and the roles and responsibilities of CDM duty holders.  This module also covers the purpose and content of the 3 key documents required for every CDM project: Pre-Construction Information; Construction Phase Plan and the  Health and  Safety File
  • Module 2: CDM Application and Notification
    This module looks at where CDM applies and the types of activities undertaken that would fall under the requirements of the Regs.  It also covers when notification of a project to the health and safety executive (HSE) is required and how notification is made.
  • Module 3: Duty Holders and Documentation
    This module focuses on the key CDM duty holders who have specific roles and responsibilities.  There are 5 duty holders and these are: The Client, Principal Designer, Designer, Principal Contractor & Contractor.
  • Module 4: Duties and Legal Documents
    The module covers in more detail the duties of the main duty holders and the legal documents required.
  • Module 5: Example Projects and Summary
    This final module goes through 5 CDM projects and shows how aspects of the training covered in modules 1-4 could be applied.  It covers if the project is notifiable, who the duty holders are, and what project documents are required.

How much is the CDM awareness training course?

The CDM awareness training costs £35 per person/licence and can be ordered directly from here.

If you need to provide this training to more than 25 employees, then the following discounts will apply:

5% discount for orders of 25+ courses
7.5% discount for orders of 50+ courses
10% discount for all orders over 100 courses.

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