May 30, 2017
Preventing slips, trips & falls in the workpace

Slips, Trips, and Falls, How Can they be Prevented in the Workplace?

Despite being seen as a relatively low-risk issue, slips trips and falls in the workplace can be a significant hazard  Although most slips trips and falls […]
August 21, 2016
Health Hazard Asbestos Material Training

Asbestos Containing Material: Accountable for 300 Deaths Per Day

Asbestos deaths. The figures are simply staggering. The World Health Organisation estimates that 300 people worldwide succumb to a preventable disease attributed to a known carcinogen. It […]
August 5, 2016
Fire Extinguisher

Life, Premises, and Pounds: The True Cost of Fire Safety Non-Compliance

Fire safety is everyone’s concern. Fire is not a force to mess with. Until you have seen a large fire in full force, you simply don’t […]
July 18, 2016
HSE legionella awareness training

HSE Legionella: Not Just Hysteria, and Not Just in New York & the US

Flint. The Bronx. Chicago. You will have heard the recent headlines. The serious outbreaks of the deadly Legionella bacteria have resulted in multiple deaths around the […]