Autism Awareness Training Course

Our autism awareness training course will provide those who interact with and cares for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), key information to enable them to best understand the condition and provide support.

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What modules are offered in the autism awareness training course?

The training material is presented over four separate modules, covering  key aspects of autism awareness.  The modules are:

  • Module 1:Definitions, Context & Background
    This module provides an overview of what will be covered in the course. It provides a definition of autism and who it affects.
  • Module 2: Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    This module consider how autism can effects individuals differently but also looks at the characteristics of autism under 3 main groups. This is known as the triad of impairments. These are:
    • Social Communication
    • Social Interaction
    • Social Imagination
  • Module 3: Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    This module expands on what autism is and how the brain of an autistic person processes information.  Scientists believe there to be 5 factors that increase the likelihood of someone being diagnosed with ASD.  These 5 factors are covered in this module.  They are:
    • Genetic Factors
    • Environmental Factors
    • Physiological Factors
    • Neurological Factors
    • Health Factors

The module ends with looking at the 3 levels under which autism is categorised.

  • Module 4: Testing and Support
    This final module looks at how a child is tested for ASD and the importance of support.

Who needs to go through this training?

This awareness training is primarily for those working in a Health and Social Care environment where they need an awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  The course focuses on children with ASD, but having an awareness of the condition and how best to provide support to someone with ASD will be of use to anyone who meets with and cares for children and adults as part of their work.

Key features of our training?

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Assessment provided at the end of each module to aid understanding
  • Full audio voiceover
  • Approximate duration: 45 minutes (based on the amount of video content shown)
  • On completion, fully embossed certificate available to download

How much is the autism awareness training?

The training course costs £25 per person/licence and can be ordered directly from here.

If you need to provide this training to more than 25 employees, then the following discounts will apply:

5% discount for orders of 25+ courses
7.5% discount for orders of 50+ courses
10% discount for all orders over 100 courses.

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